End of the Party Political Broadcast? Episode 2: Conservatives

Hello everybody. Welcome to part 2 of my exposition into how relevant Party Political Broadcasts are in this day and age. For those of you just joining us, thank you. Every day, for the next few days, I’m going to be taking apart a Party Political Broadcast and try to determine what it actually says about the party itself. Enjoy! Today we’re dealing with:


The second PPB from the Conservative Party is based very much around David Cameron himself, and how to ‘change a country’. This is interesting, as I assume we’re all fed up of the credit crunch. Can the Conservatives fix it, though?

What it says about the Conservatives. A shot-by-shot analysis: Opening shot of David Cameron sitting in garden. He must like foliage. He then points out that the first debate shook up the election, and asks what it takes to change a country. His answer: Talking to people. Cut to shot of Cameron talking to people, where he narrates an emphasis on conversation. He does not seem to be having any conversations. Shot of Cameron being honest about economy. Cameron moves on to second point, about how a strong leader is necessary, who is ready to ‘take a stand’. Cut to shot of Cameron standing up, addressing people about MP expenses. Clever. Cameron adds that a good leader is energetic and optimistic. Cut to speech about optimism. Cameron then moves on to talk about ‘strong values’. Cut to speech about values, and the importance of families. A ‘big idea’ is also essential to changing a country. Cameron says that his party possess such an idea: ‘The Big Society’. Cut to another speech about how all politicians are ‘mugs’, and about how Cameron wants to stop crime by engaging ‘The Big Society’, and making shopkeepers stop selling alcohol to kids. Cameron argues that people need more power. “Be your own boss, sack your MP”, etc. Cameron emphasises again that politicians “don’t know everything”, and giving more power to the people. Cameron then stresses the need of a new government by ‘blowing apart’ the current state of government. I am reminded of action films. To close, Cameron focuses on Conservative policies, and voting for ‘not Labour’.

Opinion: From a branding perspective, this is very interesting. The video, and indeed, the first Conservative PPB focuses almost entirely upon Cameron. It’s as if their focus, and their aim is to very much sell the ‘Cameron’ brand to prospective voters. This video mainly focuses on why Cameron thinks he will make a good PM, namely because he likes talking to people, likes societies (and gardens), and wants to smash the current political system. Controversial. The video did cover Conservative policies, but it almost feels like these took a back seat to Cameron’s selling of himself.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s continuation of this epic saga, when we tackle the Liberal Democrat PPB.


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