Vote Chloe Green. She’ll save the country!

My dear friend Chloe caught sight of David Cameron’s battle bus this morning, which was parked outside our university library, at the University of Southampton, while we were doing some filming for an unrelated project. We’d just finished the actual filming, and whilst I was packing up, Chloe ran outside briefly, returning ten minutes later, trumpeting that she’d given David Cameron what-for.

Fast-forward a few hours, and it seems that Chloe is something of a nationwide phenomenon. Follow the links at the bottom of this post, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

I’ve just spoken with Chloe now, who is a mite astounded at all the mileage her comments have gained, and is very willing to engage with people. She’s very enthusiastic about speaking to people about her talk with David Cameron, and also her views on politics and education.

The easiest way to get in touch with Chloe is through her Facebook profile, which you can find at

Chloe is happy to speak to people, respond to messages, and also to add people, as long as you explain who you are. She’s also comfortable with doing interviews, and can drive.

If you’re reading this, and you’re not related to the press, please spread the word, however you can, and use the #chloegreen hashtag. This is a great opportunity not only for Chloe, but for students in general to speak out about the importance of maintaining government bursaries and grants.


Chloe links:
BBC News video:
BBC Elections Live Coverage: (12:45)
The Telegraph video:
Daily Echo (Southampton):
Chloe motivational poster:
Chloe on ‘The Campaign Show’ (iPlayer):
Peter Henley’s BBC News blog:
Article from The Mirror:
Iain Martin’s Wall Street Journal Blog:
Chloe speaks to Current:

UPDATE: Chloe has been in touch with the BBC, and may be doing something BBC and media related later on tonight. Watch this space.

UPDATE #2: Having talked further with the BBC, Chloe will be on The Campaign Show on BBC 1 tonight.

UPDATE #3: Chloe was actually on BBC News, which was then re-broadcast on BBC Parliament. Apologies for any confusion. You should be able to see her on iPlayer rather soon here.

UPDATE #4: Chloe now on iPlayer. Check it out! Let us know what you think.

UPDATE #5: Chloe in talks with SUSU.TV about the possibility of an interview. If it goes ahead, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

UPDATE #6: More links added! Let’s keep this train a’rollin!

UPDATE #7: Link added. Crazy discussion going on in the comments to the Current article. Also updated contact links.


17 Comments on “Vote Chloe Green. She’ll save the country!”

  1. Richard Smeeton says:

    That’s exactly how campaigning should be, not all televised stage-managed spin. Higher Education funding is really under the cosh, and we need more articulate voices like Chloe’s to speak up for. Chloe would get my vote – well done!

    • Aris says:

      Thank you! I’ll pass on your kind comments. Everyone has said this is the election where the internet is going to have a more pervasive role than ever. This is Election 2.0, so to speak. Expect exciting things.

  2. RK says:

    She just sounded totally idiotic and unintelligent when she said she didn’t believe him. Who does she believe then? The unrealistic policies portrayed by the other parties. Plus, someone from an area like Dorset (as the BBC is saying) is highly unlikely to be underprivileged and really has no foundation for such comments. Maybe she is just annoyed because she herself ended up at a mediocre University :/ She said she wants real change, I really hope she is not voting Liberal Democrat or Labour then, or even worse the Green Party.

    • Aris says:

      I do detect a hint of jealousy. There’s certainly no need to be rude.

      I think it’s clear from the video footage who Chloe believes in, and that’s her choice. It’s not ‘idiotic’ and ‘unintelligent’ to have an opinion. I call it part of being human. Indeed, good on her for defending her opinions with such vigour.

      Saying she’s unlikely to be underprivileged because she’s from Dorset is just like saying she hates football, and has no right to vote because she’s a woman.

      Additionally, and I’m afraid I must express some ire here, the University of Southampton is not a mediocre university. Nowhere near it, in fact. We’re successful across the board, especially in Engineering and Computer Science. Honestly, we’re #2 in the world behind MIT. Why do you think the government just spent £250 million setting up the Web Science Doctoral Training Centre here?

      I’d welcome you to argue any legitimate concerns against Chloe and what she’s doing, if you can see anything wrong with a student championing the student voice regarding keeping universities accessible for students, from all income backgrounds.

  3. Edward says:

    Please read the three main manifestos on education.

    Compare the radical Conservative ideas to those of Labour and the Lib Dems who want to keep the status quo.

  4. RK says:

    Who is that to?

    I have read all manifestos of the main two parties (and had a dabble in that other party).

    Lib Dems want to eventually scrap tuition fees. Not entirely sure what era you are from. But the current status quo is paying tuition fees. Along with cutting class sizes to a tiny impossible amount.

    Cf. Conservatives- mainly just increasing places. Something which is necessary following the boom in UCAS applications. Also for all education- increasing discipline. Something not too radical to achieve and probably desired by the majority of the teaching population.

    Maybe you want to check them out yourself?

  5. George says:

    RK, what University do you go to, out of interest? And well done Chloe for speaking your mind – doesn’t matter whether you agree with her or not, we need people to act not just whinge

  6. breakdance says:

    i know chole! and i voted tory, but u know what its an opinion, chloe got the chance to voice hers on tv, so what get over yourselfs,

  7. A says:


    Though it’s difficult to articulate how many flaws, and if we’re honest gaping holes there are to your assertions let’s start with the politics.

    Chloe expressed her concern for the Conservatives policies on financial aid for students particularly when drawn in comparison to parties such as Liberal Democrats. I’m sure you’re convinced they’re policies are ‘unrealistic’ when in fact they have categorically stated how over six years tuition fees will be abolished and even for current students, cutting debts by £3000. As for the justifications of these ‘impossible’ claims, if you had taken the time to take another ‘dabble’ into the Liberal Manifesto, they have actually ascertained the facts and figures behind their policies rather than the Tory manifesto that simply makes a lot of promises without specifically stating where the money is going to come from, conveniently labelling it ‘waste’ makes me worry personally? Yourself?

    Well probably not, because you’re clearly far too preoccupied with Chloe’s regional background. ‘Plus, someone from an area like Dorset (as the BBC is saying) is highly unlikely to be underprivileged and really has no foundation for such comments.’ Quite honestly I’m a little shocked you had the temerity to come out with that little gem without any consideration of the exponential ignorance it implies. You actually stated in your public condemnation that where someone comes from can not only determine their families economic circumstance but furthermore restrict their political commentary. And then of course there was your malicious comments on how one would have to be ‘idiotic and unintelligent’ (a somewhat hypocritical tautology) to distrust David Cameron. That’s rather extravagant claim don’t we think R.K? For you to have such complete trust in someone’s every word that anyone who does not believe all their promises to be considered intellectually deficient? Particularly in the midst of an election in which party leaders all make promises to which they cannot always make good on. Even the haloed Barack Obama has conceded many of his election claims have required alterations. But the man who has constantly faltered on gay adoption, hereditary parliament seats, sacking MP’s is immune to distrust?

    I don’t even think your insult to Southampton University requires a response, mainly due to the fact that you tried to convince yourself that it was somehow the cause of Chloe’s questions. It may not quite be a top ten university but for a student to decide they were unhappy with their education and as result plague a politician over their desire to stay at said ‘mediocre’ university would appear to be a false manoeuvre only you are capable of, you pretentious fuck.

    In future I think all would benefit if you left political debate to those who actually want to discuss policies and current affairs rather your pitiful attempts to stir up antipathy and bitterness trying to persuade anyone you have anything of remote interest or validity to say. Because quite frankly, I don’t believe you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Chloe sounded like a child. “I don’t believe you.” How immature. David gave decisive and convincing answers. Thanks to Chloe I am definately voting Conservative.

  9. Anonymous no.2 says:

    RK is an idiot, but I don’t particularly feel that Chloe represented our university very well. I mean what the heck was that ‘what about comprehensives?’ about? I wouldn’t trust Cameron with my pet budgie, let alone the British economy in its current state and Cameron’s pledge that he will save £6bn through ‘waste’, but I don’t feel that Chloe’s misinformed ‘attack’ on Cameron will have done anything to detract support from the Conservatives.

  10. A says:

    I don’t normally do these forums, but seriously why does Chloe have this responsibility to represent our university with such political prowess and elegance? At least she was out there expressing her opinions which is more than can be said for the vast majority of us. Her comments were never misinformed and it’s fair to say a lot of students would have been a little intimidated by the national news coverage and potential world leader rather than persist. As for ‘anonymous 1’ the fact that a 45 second video clip of an English literature student can decide your vote for you pretty much sums up your trivial contribution. If you’re going to accuse someone of childishness, even Family Guy knows there’s no ‘A’ in ‘definitely’. There’s just no need for people to be rude; Ms Green is fantastic and if nothing else warrants common courtesy.

  11. RK says:

    To A if you feel the need to use blasphemous language in your response I have no urge to reply to it. Not because I do not know what to say, but because I do not associate with such people.
    But A that end line there. Where no doubt you were smiling to yourself thinking you sounded so smarmy and cool. You sounded like an utter arse. AND- not everyone likes Obama.

    I know a lot of people who have a similar opinion to me, so maybe you should appreciate that people have differing views. I can see where Chloe was coming from, I was pleased initially, she seemed to have some slight knowledge and views, but her last comment just sounded idiotic.
    Her response showed she hadn’t really anything to say after a perfectly good response from David Cameron. A thank you for answering her questions, considering during the campaign all of the politicians have a busy schedule, could have been perfect, and would have been much more worth admiration. AND, the fact she didn’t realise a comprehensive was included in secondary education. Well… I can’t even begin on that.

  12. RK says:

    Also not an idiot just because I have a view. What a bunch of pathetic people.

    • Aris says:


      Just as you say that you’re entitled to your own opinion (which is entirely correct), Chloe is also entitled to her own opinion, also, and shouldn’t be criticised for voicing it in such a way. Her comment that she ‘doesn’t believe’ David Cameron is a view held by many others, also. It might not be what you think, but don’t criticise Chloe for having a voice.

      Politics would be nowhere if it wasn’t for people like Chloe, who constantly challenge politicians, and keep them on their toes. I’m sure if you speak to David Cameron, he’d agree. Chloe’s comments have already inspired an investigation into policies on university funding, which I’m sure you’d agree is for the greater good.

      On another note (to everyone), please don’t use profanity here, folks. I’d like to say this is a PG-rated blog, and I hope to keep it that way. We’re all entitled to our own opinions; let’s not resort to being rude.

  13. RK says:

    I agree. Like I said, I was glad someone like Chloe did talk, a lot of students do. I think my initial came across a bit rash. I just did not like her final answer. Manners are something which seem to be missing from a lot of this election and society in general.

    Manners cost nothing but can cost a lot.

  14. seanFsmith says:

    While the comment, “I don’t believe you,” might sound childish, surely it’s worth looking at the obvious meaning lying beneath this.

    I do not believe Ms Green’s comment to necessarily have been childish and petty, but rather an important viewpoint on trust.

    It does not necessarily follow that she is attacking Cameron’s policies, or that she is going to vote Lib Dem. Surely what matters is that this has become a storm in a teacup for the sole reason that it taps into a widespread belief that politicians’ promises are not believed.

    This, I feel, is the most important aspect of the story.

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