Aris’ Epic ‘Would You Watch It Again?’ Rating System (TM)

I’ve been looking at the way that people rate things at the end of reviews, and it’s not something I really like. It’s very ‘un-human’ in my opinion.

I’ve been keeping ‘What I Thought’ going long enough (which isn’t very long, admittedly) that I’d like to make it a regular feature on this blog. While I’d like to stay away from the moniker of ‘reviewing’ (which is ironically what I tag these entries with, in hopes that the interwebs will find them), I should probably start giving these films ratings. As I’m not a huge fan of reviews, and particularly not of writing them, I’d like to trial a new, people-friendly rating system. I never quite understood the whole ‘five star rating’ system, and would like to give you, dear reader, something that is particularly relevant. So, without any further ado, I’d like to introduce ARIS’ EPIC ‘WOULD YOU WATCH IT AGAIN?’ RATING SYSTEM (TM). It’s very simple, really. You know when you see a really, really great film, and as you’re coming out of the cinema, you say to yourself, “You know, I would really like to see that again!” That’s the sign of a great film, generally. For lesser films, you could say you wouldn’t mind seeing it again, or that you’d watch it on DVD, or online (legally, of course). It speaks to me, and I hope it does to you, too.


One Comment on “Aris’ Epic ‘Would You Watch It Again?’ Rating System (TM)”

  1. […] Would I watch it again? Many times. I’m already trying to plan time in my already hectic schedule to see the film again. I will buy this on DVD when it’s released. I will buy it on Blu-ray. Heck, I would buy all physical properties associated with this film, including Michael Cera, if I could. I am very, very excited, and you should be too. […]

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