I guess this means I’m a journalist.

Today I had the pleasure of taking part in a phone interview with Scroobius Pip, of Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip fame. It was great, despite what I’d anticipated, seeing as it’s the first time I’d given an interview before, let alone a phone interview. It was truly great. I spoke to Pip, who seems like a genuinely lovely guy. Not that I was expecting otherwise, but it’s nice to talk to a genuinely grounded musical artist, especially considering some of the bloated egos who have been doing the rounds, notoriously.

We chatted about Le Sac vs Pip’s new album, ‘The Logic of Chance’, about the group’s general direction, about genres, tours, hats, and most importantly, his beard. It was a great interview, for what is a great album. I was forwarded a copy of ‘The Logic of Chance’ by Pip’s PR men this morning, and have spent the day listening to it. It has a very different feel to the first album, I think. The beats are a lot heavier, and the whole album is a lot more danceworthy, generally, which is by no means a bad thing. One of Pip’s main points, which carried through the interview, was that music as a whole tends to work in cycles, hence why it’s virtually impossible to brand them under one genre, as genres essentially have turned into brands, or so says Pip. I guess, then, this is just another cycle, and another evolution of Le Sac vs Pip, and it’s an enjoyable one, at that. A step in the right direction, too, I might add.

While Pip’s lyrics have always been politically motivated (observe the furore that surrounded the release of ‘Letter from God to Man’), this carries through on the new album, to an even greater extent. Pip is a great thinker, determined to spread a message of goodwill to the masses, that things can improve, and be better for all of us, if we all put the effort in to change, and make change happen. This is probably the most pertinent message I picked up from the album. Le Sac and Pip are clearly aware of the state of things, and they’re doing their thing, to suggest how we can all contribute towards fixing everything from increasing levels of teenage pregnancies, to knife crime, to assault. It’s silly to posit that these songs have the answer to all of our problems, but they take a stance that I think we should all adopt: actually giving a damn, and leaving ourselves open to the possibility of change.

As I mentioned to a friend earlier, regarding the interview, Pip has won. He’s a winner. Whatever you want to call it, or however you want to look at things, he’s won the game, and I really admire him for that. Him and Dan have done a great thing, in spreading such awesome, and so many great, valuable, and worthwhile messages to their fans. They’re changing the world. It’s not enough to admire their music alone, as it makes you revalue yourself, your actions, and the things going on around you. Well, in my case, at least. For this, gentlemen, I thank you.

Stay tuned for the complete interview.


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