A Strange Day

Other than apologising to a snail for nudging it, today has been a somewhat strange, and different day.

A few things of note happened. Firstly, I attended my first SSLC (don’t ask me what that stands for) meeting today. Essentially, because I’m course representative for MSc Marketing Management, I need to attend a meeting with fellow course reps, and teaching staff every three weeks. I’ve never been involved with anything like this before, so I thought I’d throw myself into it. I received a circular e-mail last week from the group’s secretary, asking for people to submit items for discussion, so they could be added to today’s agenda. I thought it was standard procedure for everyone to reply, so I e-mailed, Facebooked, and cornered my course mates after lectures, until they gave me some topics to bring up. Most notably, I was told to ask about the fact that there is no policy whatsoever on academic referencing in the School of Management. We’re told to use the ‘standard’ Harvard style, but the style has been adapted and mutated in many different ways, that the phrase is now meaningless.

Little did I know, I would actually be the only course rep. to submit anything for the agenda. They actually drafted me up a ‘paper’, which had my name on it, to be included in the agenda. It was a little daunting, being given my own agenda item, but I think I handled it well. Actually, I was congratulated afterwards for my presentation. What I’m most proud of, however, is moving the School towards a policy change on references. I suggested the School produce their own style guide, and the group chair motioned to take the idea to some sort of education committee, to get it passed, and actually made policy. That’s my good deed for the day, then.

I also received my first assignment back today. This was the 500 word essay used to check whether we can write coherently in English. I scored a 60, which makes me a little sad, as I was expecting something a little higher, considering the simplicity of the assignment. I especially don’t appreciate being ‘corrected’ on my English. Hmph. Part of me believes that because of my rather ‘ethnic’ name, I was type-cast as an international student when my essay was marked, not a native speaker. This brings into question something else which I should have brought up at the meeting. The School doesn’t have a policy of anonymous marking, something I thought was very effective in Humanities. I should probably write all this down.

Today’s conquests didn’t stop there, however. I attended the first ever meeting of the UoS Green Party, who are very new. They seem to have good intentions; both the society, and the Green Party, that is. To be honest, I voted for the Green Party in the European Elections on the basis of their campaign video, but realistically don’t know a huge amount about them. We talked a little about their policies, and they all sound, well, sound. They want to invest more money in renewable energy, to save money, and to create extra jobs. Their policies are essentially tied into spending money on things which really need it (the NHS, for example) by saving money by being green. Well, I’m sold. The three main parties seem to do little else these days other than spend most of their time and resources on trying to copy each other. Sad, but true.

As the UoS Green Party are so new, they’re quite deficient in committee members, so I happily signed up as publicity officer. I’m already in the process of getting the two founders on Surge Radio next week, to talk about all things green in the ‘Societies Hour’. I think I might just be better at this publicity thing than I believe myself to be. Here’s hoping. Right now, I seem to be doing a lot more PR than anything else, though. It’s a lot of fun, but I really should learn Photoshop at some point, and learn how to make posters, and logos, and that sort of thing. That’s going on the to-do list.

Right after my bajillion assignments, that is.


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