Maths, and maths, and maths.

I just had a very surreal experience, on my walk home from university. I was on my way home from my personal tutor meeting, when I passed two people: one who I’ve met in the last week, and one I’ve known in passing for a few years, now. They both ignored me. I’m not sure that both of them saw me, but I’m pretty sure the latter gentleman did. It’s really strange why saying hello has become such a chore. I know it’s foolish to expect everyone to act the same way as me, but a brief “hi”, or a nod, or any acknowledgement of my existence on this planet in the eyes of that person would not go amiss.

My personal tutor meeting was interesting, to say the least. It highlighted a fundamental flaw in the organisation of the School. I was apparently meant to ‘blog’ a skills audit, on a blog I’ve been given for keeping in touch with your personal tutor. The thing is, over the last few weeks, I’ve been informed that I’ve had to blog this skills audit in its entirety, complete half of it, and upload only that, complete the whole thing and take it along to the tutor meeting, and the like. I’ve got my first meeting as course rep. with the teaching staff next week, and I hope to bring this up.

What was really interesting, however, was that I was (understandably) criticised from my poor numeracy skills. Being a solely humanities-based student, I haven’t studied, or done maths for about 6 years. However, no one can deny how much of a useful skill it can be, in life, as well as business. Indeed, it was made very clear that it’s essential I develop good numeracy skills in order to succeed in business. I guess I’ve always known this, deep down, but have always shied away from it. I need to do my very best to change that, now, however How I achieve this, whether through Brain Training (when I can afford it), or simply through constant practice, is still questionable. One thing stands, though: I NEED to get good at maths. This needs to happen.


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