Union Council

Yesterday, I attended the first Union Council meeting of the year. For those of you out of the loop, it’s a meeting of all of the major players in the Students’ Union. I was there to plead my case in the Postgraduate Officer elections, which were over relatively quickly, but ended up staying for the entire thing. It was quite long, in all. Perhaps three hours or thereabouts. Since it was the first Union Council of the year, reports had to be given by the Sabbatical Officers, and elections had to be held for Union committees.

It was quite an enlightening experience for me, as I saw for the first time what I’d been missing out on my whole university career, and what I’d probably never get a chance to be a part of. I didn’t win the election, and the post went to someone far more qualified than I. In a way, the experience made me realise how much work actually goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at the SU. It’s a little scary, but rather reassuring. What’s more reassuring is that these ‘committees’ meet regularly, to discuss how various things are going, and how to improve things for the sake of the Union and its members. It seems like the kind of thing I should have been getting involved in while I was an undergraduate. It’s just another wasted opportunity, I guess.

So, understandably, I’m feeling a little deflated. I’m still going to change the world, but in a way, it made me realise how much harder I need to be working. There were people there who were involved with charities, and had even started charities, and won awards for them. Very admirable, certainly, but again, it shows me how far I still have to journey to get to a stage where it’s possible to change things.

Maybe, then, I just need to change my ways, to be able to spread my wings and make a difference.


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