My life, as it stands, is boring. My day is made up of menial tasks, such as preparing and eating food, washing, showering, brushing my hair, and so on. It also occurs to me that this is a pivotal, and poignant moment for many of my friends. I have many friends who are working, and also some who are really starting their lives as adults; not students, but actual, valuable members of society, who are contributing something, and giving something back to the system that has nurtured and taken care of us for so many years. I have friends who have just started training to be teachers, which I think is very noble. I am very proud of them all, and wish I could do something similarly life changing.

I have thought of teaching myself, but I don’t think I possess the necessary organisational skills for it. I recently enjoyed a short stint as a teacher, as part of one of my courses at uni. In reality, I was supervising a class for three weeks, and teaching for three weeks. My first week was actually my most successful, and the whole experience became more and more chaotic as the weeks progressed, due mainly to my own laziness, in not spending the time to properly research and plan for lessons. Oh well. I enjoyed it, nonetheless, but think that maybe it’s not for me.

Ultimately, I can see the attraction of teaching. In that first lesson I taught, just watching the Year 8s in my company listening, and learning from what I was saying, and then producing work based on it, was nothing short of amazing. It was a great feeling.

We do need more good teachers, to educate and shape the next generation of people who are eventually going to take over things from us, when we are all old and decrepit. Sadly, my own personal experience of ‘good’ teaching isn’t that substantial. I went to a failing secondary school, that was placed in ‘special measures’ when I was in Year 10. Without saying too much, as to not bore you, most of the teachers left, with most of the remaining teachers staying on begrudgingly. I used to love science. Sadly, my GCSE science teacher, a woman with a chip on her shoulder, who had lost the will to teach, spoiled this enthusiasm. We were seldom taught anything, and mostly were made to watch videos in lessons, instead of revising for our exams. Suffice to say, I didn’t do brilliantly, across the board.

It just goes to show, though, how vitally important it is to have reliable teachers, who can inspire childen. Who knows; maybe I’d be studying to be a doctor, or something, if I had been luckier with my choice of teachers. So, my friends, who are soon to be educating younglings, I salute you.

I was told today, by a friend of mine, that I am a complete drama queen, regarding my angst of not being able to do anything other than do nothing, at the moment. I replied by saying that I feel I’m stuck in a Chekhov play, which I think is a rather fitting description of how I feel now. I wish I had a job, and something to do with my day, other than spend endless hours on my Xbox, or watching TV. It feels so wasteful. Alas, maybe, then, this is a much needed wake up call. Maybe I need to get off my arse, and start writing my novel. Indeed, I’ll be starting my MSc in little under a month, as well, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.


Yes, I quite like the sound of this ‘wake up call’ business. I think I’m going to stop living in a Chekhovian universe, and go and find some way to make myself useful.

Blogging is so wonderfully therapeutic. I’ll let you all know how the MSc goes. Cross your fingers.


One Comment on “Teachers”

  1. Danielle says:

    I’m pleased that my abuse forced you to do a blog post!!

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