Hello, world.

As the title suggests, hello, world!

I’m a little unsure of how to begin ‘blogging’. I’m also unsure of what makes a good blog. What is it that makes a blog great, and what is it that separates a good blog from one that is mediocre? These are all good questions, and ones that I’m sure I’ll get round to answering at some point, considering how much I tend to ramble. Already, I can feel this getting a bit tedious. Note to self: Don’t use the word ‘blog’ so much in your blog, Aris. For those of you hanging on, stay tuned. This might just get better.

Anyhow, hello. Whoever you are, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I feel, since I’m starting a new blog, some kind of introduction is necessary. I’m polite like that, you see. The sharp ones among us may have already worked out that my name is Aris. All you need to know, really, is that I’m an English student rapidly approaching graduation. I’m also going to be 21 soon, which is quite a daunting prospect. I don’t really want to grow up, and leave the safe confines of academia. This is most troublesome. Anyhow, I was recommended to start blogging by one of my seminar tutors at university, who, I gather, quite likes hearing me ramble, and I gave him my word that I would. So, here I am. Christian, I hope you’re enjoying this!

I’m not a major fan of divulging personal details, including credit card information, over the internet. Spammers and bots, please desist and go away. Right. Now, down to ‘brass tacks’. Out of all my hobbies, I probably enjoy talking more than anything. Words are a great deal of fun. Please, don’t take me as some air-headed, pretentious twit. I’m not that bad, really. When I say I like talking, I’m talking about discourse generally. I enjoy writing, especially with a view to reading. I write both prose and poetry. I have written far more of the latter than the former, in the past, but hope to change this. I’ ve discovered recently that performance poetry is a great deal of fun, and am really hoping to explore it in all its glory. Look out, world! I also like performing a lot. I am a magician of sorts, and dabble in hypnotism (GUERILLA hypnotism, particularly. You have been warned!) and have been known to act, as well as sing. I also like performing stand-up, although I’m not very good. Practice makes perfect, however. Or so I’ve been told, at least. Please, don’t throw tomatoes.

As far as my other interests go, I’m quite into music, and have a rather varied musical taste. I have many, many favourite bands, but as far as genres go, I’m probably most into hip-hop and rock. Good rock. Not indie. I also love video games. I don’t think I can express how much I actually love video games within these digital confines. I’ll try anyway, though. I LOVE video games. Well, wasn’t that impressive? Apologies, I’m still new to WordPress. I’ve been gaming since I was four, which is when my parents got me a NES for my birthday. It was love at first sight. Since then, I’ve acquired quite a few gaming consoles. As far as gaming styles go, I’d say I’m certainly a console gamer, although I do appreciate how freaking awesome PC games are, and fully acknowledge their superiority over consoles for multi-platform releases, and concede that a mouse/keyboard setup is superior for controlling FPS games (First Person Shooters, for the unenlightened among us) compared to anything consoles can offer. I do love my consoles, though. I’m currently a big fan of my Xbox 360. I think I should stop there. General geekery aside, (I am a big geek, but quite a cool geek, mind. I was the only geek amongst the ‘uncool’ kids at school with any semblance of social skills. I think this makes me a cool geek.) I enjoy socialising, dancing, running, gym (occasionally, but I was REALLY good last year!) and generally…communicating, I guess?

I’ve also recently converted to veganism, which I am absolutely loving. This is quite a big thing for me, so deserves its own paragraph. I originally went vegan for Lent, as I have done for the last few years, but enjoyed it so much this year that I’ve decided to stay on. I’ve met a lot of awesome, influential people, veggie and vegan, and omnivorous alike, who have been helping me along. I was a big meat eater before I went vegan, which makes the switch even more strange, but I feel it’s allowed me to explore various avenues that I wouldn’t have even considered otherwise. I cook an awful lot more than I used to, and I just feel so much healthier. Other than that, I can see it’s doing a lot of good, not just to the animals, but also to the environment. I used the Lenten period to do some research, and it’s absolutely horrendous how they treat, and particularly, how they slaughter animals. I had been considering, for a few weeks, creating a blog to chart my journey into veganism. Kind of a diary, with my thoughts and experiences, and the like. I guess this is it, sort of, although I’m not going to restrict my blog to just vegan talk. Omnis (omnivores) can read this too. I should make it very clear, however, that I am VERY against ALL kinds of preaching, in anything I do. I’m not going to preach to you all to become vegan, and I don’t believe in doing so. You all have your own opinions on things, and that’s absolutely fine. I hate people who try to persuade others into thinking differently. That’s just plain wrong, you know? I have no time, or respect, for people who come to my house and try and solicit me to convert to the church of Jehovah, or whatever. If you want to think about things a certain way, that’s great. In fact, I find it’ll be far more beneficial to anyone if they discover something themselves. Veganism is one example, another is religion. I believe in God. I’m not exactly sure what God is, but I’m definitely confident that there’s some kind of higher power up there that’s pulling strings, pushing buttons, turning knobs or whatever. However, I don’t believe in trying to push others to believe the same. If you’re going to learn something, and if it’s going to be of any help to you, you’re best off figuring it out on your own, you dig?

Wow, I certainly went off on a tangent there. Apologies, dear reader. WordPress has also informed me that I’ve written well over 1,000 words. Stop writing, Aris, and do something more productive. I was up very early this morning, as I had to drive some relations to the airport, as they were returning to Canada. I miss them lots. I do have things I need to see to, however, such as making a start on various impending assignments for university, and also applying for a charity spot for next year’s London Marathon. I applied last year in the ballot, and didn’t get a place. I’m hoping I’ll have a better success rate by applying directly to a charity, and also raise a lot of money for a very good cause. Watch this space.

Anyway, apologies for taking up your time with this incredibly long first post. I do have a problem with being concise, which I’m trying to address, but I’m sure that my other posts won’t run on this long. Take care, dear reader, whoever and wherever you are. Until next time, keep watching the skies…


5 Comments on “Hello, world.”

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  2. Rampancy says:

    Welcome to the club Rambler 8)

    • thearis says:

      Hey, Rampancy. Thanks for the kind words. It’s nice to know that someone is actually reading this! As a complete newcomer to blogging, I’d welcome any advice, tips, or anything worthy of note.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Rampancy says:

    Here is a tip, blog about something you can blab about non stop 🙂 It should be the kind of subject that will make your friends roll their eyes while they think, NOT again, please no. Otherwise you’ll give up soon.

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